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Bezistena - Yambol

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Yambol, pl. Osvobojdenie

On the banks of the river Tunja, in southeastern Bulgaria is a beautiful Bulgarian town of Yambol. This is a city in Bulgaria, whose history dates back before the creation of our country. Here are preserved many historical and architectural monuments of national importance. One of the interesting places and architectural monument is preserved Turkish covered market by the name Bezisten. Yambol arcade is located in the city center. It is only in Bulgaria preserved building of its kind from the period of Ottoman rule. It was built between 1509 - 1510, and is one of the most massive buildings in Yambol. During the Liberation War (1877-78) when Yambol is one of the most important logistics base of the Ottoman army Bedesten has become a warehouse for supplies.

Outside were arranged near each of the longer walls 12 arcade shops. Inside under arches, which are painted yellow flowers with blue leaves, housed 32 dealers, whose seats were divided by wooden partitions.

In 1927, after partial internal conversion to the main building were constructed additional buildings, which make it a bustling commercial and handicraft complex.

The building is one of the most interesting in the city and is a major attraction for tourists. Currently there is a project that Bezistena be suspended in an urban cultural center. Will be built movable stage and seats for the audience, here will be held cultural events and concentrate, because the building has the best acoustics in our entire country. In the past Bedesten was mainly a center of commerce and city life. Today has lost its previous functions, but remains a beautiful building with amazing architecture.

Talk is available in the Regional History Museum in Yambol

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