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Zlatograd is the most southern city in Bulgaria, situated on the border between Western and Eastern Rhodopes. It is located 50 km from Smolyan and only 4 km from the border with Greece. Zlatograd is surrounded by four mountain peaks ("St. Elias", "St. Atanas", "Holy Sunday" and "St. Constantine and Elena"), whose position resembles a cross. Therefore, the area is called "Cross-forest", and according to the tradition of the natives as God keeps Zlatograd of evils.

Zlatograd Rhodope a little town, pushed on the edge of the map. But like any gold treasures and priceless treasures it hides. First you will impress its Renaissance appearance - narrow cobblestone streets, old craft workshops, the first church school and the oldest church in the Rhodopes "Assumption" - everything seems untouched by time and preserved for future generations. In the town will "learn" more closely with the life of one of the legendary freedom fighters of Bulgaria - Delyo rebel. Strolling around the quiet and tranquil streets of Zlatograd can not pass by his house, past his alleged place of death and monument along with his face, rising as a symbol of the city center. Curiously, in Zlatograd appears first post house in Bulgaria.

Form an extensive complex of buildings, Old Town of Zlatograd unites more than 100 monuments of culture, part of which is Bulgaria's only private ethnographic area complex. You'll experience the authentic houses with white walls and large round chimneys, to workshops, presenting traditional crafts of the time and the daily life of local residents who will treat you with traditional dishes and a cup of coffee brewed on ... sand.

Walk in Zlatograd will bring you strength and energy. River Varbitsa flowing through town murmurs pleasant under many bridges, which in warmer months become a favorite place for recreation. Try the traditional Rhodopean “patatnik” and pastry with rice, eggs and cheese.

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