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Katsite Cave

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Katsite cave is located in the mountain range - Ponor - paradise for cavers and researchers. It is mainly composed of limestone, formed a significant amount of caves, channels and karst cavities . To cave Katsite most easily reached from the village Zimevitsa , Municipality Svoge. It is 20 km from Svoge. Can be reached by jeep or car if you drive carefully. Pedestrian option is as follows: start from the village Zimevitsa in blue markirivka for Petrokhan after about an hour you reach Shiroki Valog (if you do not know right at the beginning of the road there is a big fountain ) . Pass through valog and then turn right . Continue down the valley to the right to " its natural bottom" where are Katsite. The cave is required suits - dry type and well-prepared group as it flows the river Ponor . Characteristic of the caves in the mountains Ponor is that they are poor in caves . Because of the river entry is laborious . However, walking in dry areas is enjoyable.

The cave Katsite is with a depth of 220 m total length is 2560 m . With this long cave ranks 24th place in Bulgaria . It is one of

most difficult caves in Bulgaria . Logon needed an experienced guide , good preparation and at least 4-5 hours.

At the very Wide Valog has several interesting sites. Village Zimevitsa is magnificent place to visit . It is located on the outskirts of the Ponor Mountains, but pretty high . In shallow snow village can be reached by trail Vazov , but backtracking on it is dangerous. The village is the center of many tourist sites , but that is only in Bulgaria are four major Ponora .

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